Horse Riding in the heart of Sydney

We provide trained horses for beginners through to advanced riders, together with coaches who have a wide range of teaching and riding experience.

Private Lesson From $120

Private lessons allow for one-on-one tuition and are an excellent way to focus on acquiring or improving riding skills. The lessons cover the basics (getting on, getting off, correct seat in the saddle, walking, steering, rising trot, changing direction, cantering) or they can be used to refine existing skills and to work on more advanced movements. Lessons are held in one of the Centre’s arenas and run for either 1 hour or 30 minutes (including mounting, dismounting, warming up and cooling down time). Half hour sessions are only for children (5+ years old) and can be a good introduction, while building fitness and concentration. The material that can be covered in a lesson depends on the rider’s skills and abilities.

Shared Lesson From $130

Shared lessons are a good way for two friends or siblings to share their riding experience and to learn with and from each other. These run for 1 hour to give each rider the possibility to practice and develop their riding skills. A certain level of riding skills need to pre-exist in order to participate in a shared lesson. Riders should also have similar riding abilities to guarantee both riders the best value from the lesson. Shared lessons can also be extended to a group lesson between 3-4 riders per coach.

Park Ride From $100

Escorted park rides are a good way to enjoy Sydney's scenery. Suitable for total beginners or more advanced riders (5+ years old), the ride begins at the Stables and crosses Lang Road to Centennial Park, where we make a full circuit of the Park, using the horse track, this will take 1 hour. The ride will be in walk only.

How to Book

Send us your request via with the following details: availability, type of session, each riders height and weight (max 90kg), age (for kids only) and riding experience.

When booking the Junior Riding Camp, Stable Day or a booking for 3+ riders, you will be required to transfer the full amount up front.
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