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Papillon Team

Proceed so that the horse finds himself willingly into the exercise, and not by force.

Nuno Oliveira

Here at Papillon Riding Stables we believe in harmony between horse and rider and we emphasise the importance of good communication and understanding.

Learn & Improve

We offer dressage lessons from total beginners up to experienced riders. Each session is held at the Equestian Centre.


Relax & Enjoy

We offer rides in our beautiful Centennial Park, escorted by a coach and at the walk only. They are very leisurely and a good way to get into the saddle.

Park Rides

Play & Discover

We offer a wide range of great activities for kids, from junior camps and stable days to pony party and kids’ packages. These are good ways to introduce your child to horses.

For Kids

Meet Our Horses

All of our horses and ponies are well trained and patient with beginners. They all have their own unique personality and strengths which we match the rider's skill level and interest.


"I have ridden with Papillon many times and received dressage coaching with Sigrid on Thoura, Max and Elvis - they are all patient teachers! I would highly recommend Papillon Riding Stables to anyone interested in any discipline of horse riding that wants to learn the 'correct way to ride', with an understanding and care for the horse by using the right aides and body position."


"When I first started riding with Sigrid in the 1980's, I was drawn by her method of teaching, which focussed on establishing a good seat, combined with soft, giving hands. Over the years, I have come to understand that this method of riding is underscored by a strong philosophy, a philosophy which informs the relationship of the rider and the horse."


"My daughter is 8-years-old and after attending a holiday pony camp at Papillon began riding lessons there. We are so impressed by her improvement and the wonderful team at Papillon. Not only is she receiving excellent instruction she is also learning about horses and horsemanship. The whole experience has been positive and she loves being a part of the Papillon family."


"I have known Sigrid since I was a horse mad 10 year old (some 18 years ago now!). She has been nothing but a positive character, running a professional business with lovely horses and a calm attitude to riding, right in the heart of Sydney. The complete package!"


"I have always wanted to learn to horse ride but as an older, nervous rider finding the right school was very important to me. After trying several other riding schools I found Papillon - and I’m so pleased I did! Of all the schools I had lessons with Papillon exceeded them all! The Papillon horses are so well-trained. The instructors and staff are professional and knowledgeable. What I love most is that the safety and care of both rider -and horse - is paramount. This makes for happy riders and happy horses. I have been riding now for over a year and I would highly recommend Papillon to anyone - beginner through to advanced. Their skill and understanding of the true art of riding and horse care is exceptional."


"I am riding at Papillion on a regular basis since 2002. Sigrid teaches a very classical approach to dressage, which was what first attracted me to her stable. Her teaching emphasises forward movement, balance and position. The ethos of her stables is something I admire. Her horses are highly valued and it is instilled in riders that you reward them when they work well. They each go out on individual holidays to recharge, which was a selling point for me when I first came to her - I love that the horses are so well cared for."