Learn & Improve

We offer dressage lessons for everyone, from total beginners up to experienced riders. Our coaches and horses are trained to work with all age classes and riding levels.


Relax & Enjoy

We offer guided rides in Centennial Park, right in the heart of Sydney. This is a very enjoyable way to spend time outdoors. Park rides are suitable for all age classes and riding levels.

Park Rides

Play & Discover

We offer a wide range of great activities for kids, from junior camps and stable days to pony party’s and kids’ packages. These are good ways to introduce your child to horses.

Just For Kids

Meet Our Horses

All of our horses and ponies are well trained and patient with beginners. They all have their own unique personality and strengths which we match the rider's skill level and interest.

Meet all of our horses


"I've ridden with Papillon many times and received dressage coaching with Sigrid on Thoura, Max and Elvis - all patient teachers! I would highly recommend Papillon to anyone interested in any discipline of horse riding that wants to learn the 'correct way to ride', with an understanding and care for the horse by using the right aides and body position."


When I first started riding with Sigrid in the 1980's, I was drawn by her method of teaching, which focussed on establishing a good seat, combined with soft, giving hands. Over the years, I have come to understand that this method of riding is underscored by a strong philosophy, a philosophy which informs the relationship of the rider and the horse.