Our Team of Horses

Meet our team of trained horses and ponies, each with their own unique personality:

Thoura of Papillon Stables
Thoura 14yo Quaterhorse Cross (Cremello mare)
Size: 15.3h
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About Thoura

Thoura works mainly with more advanced riders, although she is showing the patience to work with beginners as well.

Max of Papillon Stables
Max 20+yo Pony (Black gelding)
Size: 14.2h
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About Max

Well educated in all the basics. Shows great canter work. Max is a super intelligent pony who has often given pony rides at Fox Studios as well as appearing in Fox publicity for 'The Country comes to the City'.

Banjo of Papillon Stables
Banjo 20+yo Pony (Black gelding)
Size: 14.2h
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About Banjo

Banjo is a handsome horse, who is very senstive, calm to ride with nice, even paces. He is versatile enough to work with beginners or more advanced riders and is also a good horse to take for a park ride.

Elvis of Papillon Stables
Elvis 14yo Appaloosa (Chestnut gelding)
Size: 16h
About Elvis

Elvis is very versatile, working very well with advanced riders but also proving suitable for beginners and for rides in the park. He has excellent paces and is a very striking horse.

Jerry of Papillon Stables
Jerry 20+yo Pony (Grey gelding)
Size: 14.2hh
About Jerry

Jerry has been with Papillon since 2008. He is a good all-round performer, suitable for park rides, beginners and more advanced riders, as well as kids' camps.

Jazz of Papillon Stables
Jazz Xyo Percheron (Grey Mare)
Size: 14.2hh
About Jazz

Percheron mare. A very comfortable and kind horse to take on park rides. A pleasure to work with.

Minty of Papillon Stables
Minty 20+yo Pony (White Gelding)
Size: 14.2hh
About Minty

Originally form the Sutton Farm Equestrian Center. She is a very sweet pony and has taught many young children their first canter.

Horse Holidays

It is important to us that all of our horses have a break from time to time, to recharge their batteries and potter around in a paddock for a change. At any time, one or more of our horses may be on a short break, usually either at Menangle Park or Camden which are both within easy reach of the Centre.

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